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What is Wirecut Wire?

What is Wirecut Wire?

Green and black reel wirecut wire, which one is better?

Molybdenum wirecut wire (electrode used for cutting in the wirecut machine) can be found in different thicknesses of 0.18, 0.20, 0.25, etc. in the Iranian market. Among these, two types of wirecut wires, green and black, are more common. Both types of these wires with black and light green coils are produced by the same company, and according to the manufacturer’s information, the black coil is known as old packaging and the green coil is known as new packaging.

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The reason for changing the color and appearance of the coil of wirecut wires by the manufacturer is the wide spread of fake and low-quality molybdenum wires with this appearance. Most of the wirecut wires available in the Iranian market, which are provided with black coils, are not excluded from this category, and they are mainly low-quality fake wires produced in non-standard conditions, which, in addition to short life, have low cutting accuracy and cause damage to the wire in the long run. Wire cutting machine.

سیم وایرکات مولیبدنیوم

Selling all kinds of wirecut wire (molybdenum reciprocating wire for wirecut cutting machine)

According to the wide demand of the market for original molybdenum wirecut wires for use in the wirecut machine, Ideal Tazhiz Karina Company has for the first time provided this set of wires and cutting electrodes from reputable global manufacturers.

To order different types of molybdenum wirecut wire in different thicknesses, contact us.

سیم وایرکات مولیبدنیوم

Molybdenum cutting wire

Karina Ideal Equipment Company is a provider of molybdenum wire cutting tools with the highest quality. Types of molybdenum wirecut wire in diameters of 0.18, 0.2 and… can be provided for use in wirecut cutting machine as one of the edm (electrical discharge machining) methods. Wirecut wire provided by this company is provided directly from the main manufacturer and with the highest quality. These wires are rolled and provided in a standard length of 2000 meters. It should be noted that most of the wirecut wires available in the market, which are mainly made from unreliable Chinese manufacturers, have lower quality and shorter length than the standard. But the molybdenum wirecut wire provided by this company has the highest quality and completely standard size. Wirecut wire is made of molybdenum, which has a 30% longer life compared to similar samples.

سیم وایرکات مولیبدنیوم

Wire length in each loop: 2000 meters, thickness: 0.18 mm

Wirecut wire

The role of the wirecut wire is to transmit the spark and it must have good conductivity and sufficient strength. In general, there are two types of consumable wire and return wire. Wires used in wire cutting are made of copper or brass with different coatings of zinc and zinc oxide without formulas for better cutting. Recently, the countries of Korea, Taiwan and China have provided good products. These wires with different tensions are usually 900-500 newtons per meter, and due to wear and tear, they are used only once. Reciprocating wires are mainly molybdenum and tungsten compounds.

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One of the special advantages of wirecut is the basis of work in the form of electric discharge. With this Spark method, there is no pressure on the work piece and the axes of the machine, and this machine moves micron by micron and as long as it takes command from its computer, it moves on its path without any error. With this advantage, it is possible to design and implement all kinds of precise parts and step molds of mandrel, matrix and plastic. For example, in stage molds, wirecut capability cannot be compared with other devices, even CNC milling. Because it removes shavings in the same way in all length and height. This ability cannot be seen in any of the CNC milling or turning machines, and conductive materials that are very hard and cannot be machined with any tools can be easily removed with this method.

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