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What is Wirecut Oil?

What is Wirecut Oil?

Make a good impression on potential customers by eliminating smoky, smelly, kerosene-based wirecut oil, an easy way to clean up your image and improve your bottom line.

Mobil brand wirecut oils are multi-purpose dielectric fluids for use in all discharge machines, especially for roughing, finishing and superfinishing. These are designed with high purity fluid for maximum machine productivity and operator comfort when used in electric discharge machining. The chemistry of these products provides the correct balance of viscosity, volatility, oxidation stability, heat transfer properties and low toxicity. They are highly refined, thin cut, low viscosity fluids that act as an insulator between the tool and the workpiece.

Do you know how to choose wirecut dielectric oil?

If you’re old enough to remember the days of disgusting wirecut dielectric oil injection molding, you can appreciate how clean, odorless (almost), and safe the fluids are in wirecut sinks these days.
The work floor at the end of the room reeked of diesel fuel with all those disgusting fumes soaking the lungs. After all, the smells we smell are actually tiny particles of matter that are absorbed by our nose.
Using up-to-date wirecut oil will not only increase your profits, but also boost the morale of the wirecut department and not be offensive to visiting customers.

روغن وایرکات

Advantages of quality wirecut dielectric oil

Faster Machining Speed – Newer oils are highly refined and refined to be more efficient. They are designed to burn off cleaning agents, so they produce a finer surface more quickly.
Less Smoke – Smoke from high amp burns can produce large amounts of toxic smoke that must be vented outside. Even then, what happens to the smoke?
Longer fluid life – Because the electric discharge machining enables it to be more efficient, heat and sludge don’t break down the oil as quickly. This can mean savings in materials and time.
Easy on the skin – Many operators complain of skin irritation from older kerosene-based fluids. Wirecut’s new synthetic oils are much easier on the skin.
It doesn’t evaporate – your oil will last longer and your shop won’t smell like a diesel engine repair shop.
Environmentally friendly, because the new wirecut oils are synthetic, they are much easier to dispose of and have less impact on the environment.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression
Choosing the right wirecut oil can make a significant difference in the overall performance of your wirecut. Buying good wire cutting equipment makes sense any way you look at it.

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