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What is Soapy Water?

What is Soapy Water?

Turning oil, metalworking or turning oil, which is also known as soapy water, refers to industrial oils or liquids that are used to cool or lubricate metal parts during turning, cutting, drilling, etc. . Soapy water, in addition to the transfer of heat that occurs as a result of metal-to-metal friction, penetrates the contact surfaces and lubricates the operation surfaces.

Soapy water has many applications such as industrial soapy water lubrication, metalworking, turning and industrial soapy water. Soapy water oil is an oil that has the ability to mix with water and for this purpose it forms a stable emulsion that is in the form of a milky solution. The extraordinary stability of the emulsion and protection against corrosion and rust are among the advantages of this product.

What is an emulsion?

As you know, oil does not dissolve in water. When oil is added to water, its particles are suspended in the form of tiny droplets. Oil is broken into very small particles by a chemical compound called an emulsifier. A solution of oil in water is called an emulsion.

In fact, soapy water or emulsifying oil is a mixture of a type of base oil and emulsifier with other additives, which include antibacterial, anti-corrosive, anti-foam, etc. Soaps are among water-miscible oils that are used as emulsions. This oil is easily mixed with water in different proportions and forms a milky and homogeneous mixture.

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Uses of soapy water:

Metalworking oils are a group of cooling and lubricating fluids that are used for various metalworking operations including machining, pressing, milling, cutting and turning. Different types of these lubricants include: special oils, water and oil emulsions, special gels and aerosols. These compounds can be petroleum, mineral and natural based.

If the goal is to further prevent rusting of workpieces and cutting and turning tools, a higher percentage should be allocated to oil in the mixture of water and oil. In other words, they use oil for lubrication and water for cooling. In processes such as machining where lubrication is as important as cooling, a thicker emulsion is used. In general, in processes where cooling is more important, a thinner emulsion is also used.

Making soapy water:

In general, three types of liquid are used to make soapy water, which are: mineral, semi-kinetic and full-kinetic. These liquids are soluble in water. Kinetic samples are generally a combination of oil and water, which are used as a stable emulsion with good characteristics, for various applications in the metalworking industry. These things have a great impact on choosing and buying soapy water oil. These suitable features include: preventing rust, maintaining the pH of water in the range of 9 to 10, the ability to work with most metals, resistance to thermal decomposition, and maintaining environmental safety.

Different types of soapy water:

Benefits of using soapy water:

The use of this oil, if it is of good quality, increases the life of the device and reduces the costs of its repairs as much as possible. It also reduces or eliminates waste disposal costs and preserves the environment. Soapy water is used as a coolant. In fact, soapy water oil can act as a coolant to reduce the heat caused by friction, and as a lubricant, it can reduce friction.

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Benefits of soapy water:

How to use soapy water:

Soluble oil usually has four types of cooling, lubricating, draining and controlling, and their use is based on their raw materials.

There are many brands across the country that produce and market large quantities of these products every year. Some cases are effective in making the manufacturer’s brands famous in the country, these cases are:

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One of the major problems faced by users of soapy water oil or soluble oil is the unpleasant smell that occurs after some time due to the accumulation of bacteria in the tanks of the device. This process occurs earlier than usual in some similar products, which is sometimes due to the low quality of some similar products, apart from the performance and correct way of using soluble oils by the customer.

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