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Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade – What is Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade – What is Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade

Bi-metal band saw blades are a modern solution for cutting hard metals, including steel. These blades are produced for many different styles of saws, including chainsaws, band saws, reciprocating saws, and more. The lifespan of these blades is up to 10 times longer than traditional saw blades.

Features of a bi-metal band saw blade

A bi-metal band saw blade should have two important features. First, it should have high flexibility so that it does not break when moving inside the band saw machine and bending around the machine’s follies. and act like a spring. Second, it should have high strength and hardness. so as not to have any problems in cutting all kinds of hard and soft steels. The body of the band saw blade is made of spring steel (CK75 family), which has been hardened up to 50 RHC by heat treatment. chose And it is connected to the metal of the teeth selected from high-speed steel (HSS family) by electron welding. That’s why you have a product. With spring body and hard teeth. It means a product of two metals that are well connected and electroplated. This is the reason why this type of saw blade is called bi-metal.

Types of bi-metals

Due to high speed steel (HSS). In teeth, bi-metal band saw blades are divided into two categories:

- M42 band saw blade

Its body is made of heat treated spring steel and the tooth is made of HSS M42 steel with DIN standard. 1.3247 is made with a hardness of 67 to 69 Rockwell, suitable for cutting all types of normal and alloy steels. Because this type of saw blade is mostly used to cut all kinds of steels. Among the consumers, it is famous for steel band saw blade.

- M51 band saw blade

The body is made of heat-treated spring steel. And the tooth is made of HSS M42 steel with DIN standard (DIN) 1.3207 with a hardness of up to 69 Rakoulsi. And to prevent corrosion and increase wear resistance in cutting steels and in contact with chrome metal. Some tungsten and cobalt have been added to this saw blade. This saw blade slows down when cutting all kinds of steels and alloy steels.


Before the invention of bi-metal blades, saw blades were cut entirely from steel. But for more than 35 years, these types of blades have been used in all metal cutting functions.

Applications of bi-metal band saw blades

Bi-metal blades are metal cutting blades. They are in band saws for cutting carbon steel, tool steel, structural steel. Stainless steel, pipes, mold steel, angles. and flat stock and mixed metal applications are used.

How do they work?

These two metals are usually different types of steel. Spring steel is often used for backing and high speed steel for edges.

Can a bi-metal band saw blade cut non-ferrous metals?

Yes, they can. Ferrous or non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. Cut brass, bronze or steel, stainless steel, titanium.

How long does a bi-metal blade last? How often do I need to replace the bimetallic blade?

It depends on the material. What you cut, the condition of the band saw, the speed and the time it takes to produce them usually last 3-5 times as long as a carbon blade.

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