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Band Saw Machine – Types of Band Saw Machines

Band Saw Machine – Types of Band Saw Machines

Band saw machine

The band saw machine is one of the most important machines used in industries and workshops. This cutting method is considered one of the types of cold cutting methods, which is always one of the most used methods used in cutting all kinds of materials due to its simplicity, high speed and remarkable accuracy.

History of the band saw machine

Band saw machines were used for the first time in 1808 in England to cut wood, and over time, they were used in the metal industry to cut all kinds of metals such as alloy steels, types of profiles and construction steels, as well as metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, etc. It was developed due to high accuracy and speed.

دستگاه اره نواری

Advantages of band saw machine

Currently, with the passage of years since the appearance of this device, a newer and better technology than the band saw machine for cold cutting has not been released to the market. Band saw machines, like all industrial machines, have advantages that include the cheapness and portability of many models, the ability to use for cutting all kinds of materials, high speed, extreme precision, very little wastage, and maintaining the original properties of the cutting piece. pointed out

The limitations of using band saw devices can be mentioned such as movement limitations in (X-Y) directions and size limitations in cutting sections.

Types of band saw machines

Band saw machines are divided into vertical, column and arm machines in terms of appearance according to the variety of usage and efficiency.

Division of the device according to the type of application

Division of the device in terms of operation mode

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