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What is a Band Saw Blade? – Getting to know the band saw blade

What is a Band Saw Blade? – Getting to know the band saw blade

What is a band saw blade?

A chainsaw has a long, sharp blade. This blade consists of a continuous strip of serrated metal, called a band saw blade, stretched between two or more wheels. to cut the material. They are primarily used in carpentry, metalworking, and woodworking, but may cut a variety of materials. The advantages of this blade include uniform cutting action as a result of uniform load distribution and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes like a jigsaw. The minimum radius of a curve is determined by the width of its strip.

The blade itself can be of different tooth sizes and pitches (teeth per inch or TPI) which allows the machine to be very versatile and able to cut a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Almost all band saws today are powered by an electric motor. Linear shaft versions were once common but are now obsolete.

History of the band saw blade

The idea of the band saw dates back to at least 1809, when William Newberry received a British patent for the idea, but band saws remained impractical mainly due to the inability to produce accurate and durable blades using the technology of the day. to bend. Continuous blade on wheels causing failure. The material or joint that welds it into a ring. Been.

It took almost 40 years for the French woman Anne Pauline Crepin to invent the welding technique to overcome this obstacle. He applied for a patent in 1846 and soon after sold the right to use it to the manufacturer A. Perin & Company of Paris. Combining this method with new steel alloys and advanced tempering techniques allowed Perrin to create the first modern blade.

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