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Profiler Band Saw Blade – Types of Profiler Blades

Profiler Band Saw Blade – Types of Profiler Blades

Profile band saw blade

The profile band saw blade is responsible for cutting work pieces whose diameter is usually between 300 mm and 2.8 mm thick. Profiles can be up to 410 mm in diameter.

In some cases, the work of cutting profiles may be very difficult and tiring, in these cases, iron mills are not a good option for cutting hard profiles, and a better option, i.e. profiler, should be used. The band saw blade performs the cutting of the most difficult profiles as easily as possible and with high safety.

What is a profile?

First, we provide a brief explanation in this article from the Amakat site about the profile. Profiles are types of metal materials that are used in various industries. Profiles can be divided into solid and hollow categories based on their type and strength.

What is the use of the profile:

The profile has many uses in construction, industry, and road construction, but its most common use is in making iron doors and windows. Profiles exist in square and rectangular shapes, which in small sections are used for metal fences in doors and windows, staircases, factory walls, sidewalks, and streets, but larger sections of profiles are known as columns that are used in construction. Column and metal frame are used.

What is the profile band saw machine based on:

The band saw machine is used for cutting profiles, alloy steel, brass, aluminum, copper, etc., and it is the best method for cutting hard metals.

Types of profile band saw blades

The band saw blade of profile cutters can be divided into three categories: iron cutter, aluminum cutter and metal cutter.

Profile band saw blade features

– Suitable for cutting all types of iron pipes and profiles, alloy steel, non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, bronze, etc.

– Suitable for cutting hard and alloy steels with internal tension up to 1700 N/mm2

– It has spring steel body material and sharp steel tooth tip on HSS-M42

– Teeth resistant to wear and corrosion

– Special tooth design for chip removal and higher permeability

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